Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Holiday Get-2-Getherzz Part 2

There's nothing like a little Uss time with the girls... we do this every year at my place and this year the group expanded.  It was quite a spread.  Basically its a bunch of girls eating and drinking and laughing their faces (and usses) off... which we did.  Mazel Tov ladies!! Merry Christmas and Happy 2009!

Kara shakes it...  oooooh yeah
The shwag gift game... everyone opens a present that corresponds to the number they pick... anything from crappy perfume to corn removers can be yours!  Don't be jealous.
Lisa, Patty and Heather get to know one another over some brandy cider.  Or mostly brandy.
Whit and her new doggie, who we affectionately named Beethoven
The girls by the fire pit discuss theories of life.  Or something almost at intellectual I'm sure.

Kelly and Lisa ... future beach buddies- hey carpool next time chicas~!

Girls and cosmos go well together.
Stacy and Megan bond.... 
So much girlie laughing for one small dog... Beethoven out.  Sweet dreams sweet doggie angel!

Holiday Get-2-Getherzzz

Thanksgiving is fun.. Especially when you have like three dinners to attend.  Heres some pics of my turkey, a la Martha Stewart, before and afters!  I think even though my Thanksgiving was the last, I still cranked out a pretty good stuffed bird.

The gang got together at Corris for a family feast Thanksgiving day....  Kara and I sampled the margaritas pre dinner.

Bryan Chest-Hairs and Kara make small talk while the side dishes cook
And finally, nothing says Thanksgiving than a good ole gathering at P Hilton's house with my H&N co-star Joel and his fiancee Karen.  We cut a rug, burned some holiday calories and had a great time.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Electra Luxx

Last week I finished this cameo in a great little indie called "Electra Luxx".  I play Venus Azucar, an adult film actress who is interviewed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt about the "business" for his blog.  Really funny stuff.  And I got to play opposite Carla Gugino, who stars as Electra, in a fake western trailer for a film our characters star in together.

Me as Venus on the set of our fake film trailer.  Just look at all that fake hair.
Joseph and I- we had a blast.  Such a sweet guy and a great actor.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Coldish Coldplay; A Haiku

coldplay melodies
friends and confetti falling
like leaves dying now
thank you, thank you... My ode to blogs everywhere.  Was in atlanta last week seeing my granny and the leaves were outrageous in color everywhere.  Makes me miss the east coast so much.  meanwhile it's 85 in LA and fires are raging and my lungs are filled with smoke... ugh.  so fun to see friends and the concert was fantastic.  It was my 3rd time seeing Coldplay and they never disappoint.  Thanks Bum for the extra ticket!  My granny was in rare form as usual.  87 and still out and about in her car, Netflixing and internetting and lunching (thanks again for buying Grams).  We saw a movie, watched The View, she made some muffins.  all the good grandma stuff.  

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Its a nice day.. for a white wedding (and a birthday!)

My friend Kara got married a few weeks ago.. and on her wedding day needed her "something blue" so we all ran around just before the wedding trying to find something when Whitney suddenly stopped and yelled "I have a Obama pin!"  Seems fitting for today- Yes we can!

What an awesome wedding in Santa Ynez.  I was mad I had never been there before.  The home of the film/book Sideways - wine, friends and gorgeous views = my idea of perfection.  Whit, Patty and I contemplate the virtues of just that.
More posing at table 6 (the best one) by me and Whit
The wedding... under an oak tree in front of a vineyard.  Perfectly Kara!
And then after wine tasting there was uh, dancing....
The bridal party poses and Parks and I take a shot
Some color fun with my salvaged camera
The after after party... hot tubs and cabins go well together.
Tracy: ultimate bridesmaid, flower arranger and all around hilarious biyatch!  Pocket Christine says this does not bleeping suck.
And just when we thought we could never recover... Amy's birthday!!
Mexicali with the girls: Amy, Me, Robyn and Kara.  My fellow Americcans, lend me your tequilas....
Jaden and Amy show the love
Aims, me and whit laugh it out... at who knows what!
Robert and I urge the vote.  Hot Women Vote Obama.  He'll wear it.  He's not afraid.
A fantastic (and exhausting) weekend of celebration!!  Love you babes! xox

Valentine gets married

It's just on the show- and I can't tell you who Im marrying- but yes it was a lot of fun and I was not a bridezilla.  Ive been a bridesmaid so many times in real life that I felt pretty confident in my method acting skills....

well... that is until the beer arrived.  
Autumn tells the lakin paparazzi to back off!  Just kidding.  Im pretty sure it was a dance move.
Kris and Autumn prepare with US Weekly.
Nick Nick (from Dog Sees God!) and I take a break on set with some pitchers of fake beer.  Mmmm... nothing says tuesday like warm, flat, fake beer.  

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

LA Girls nights

My Georgia girls out in LA for dinners, drinks and lots of laughs...  my favorite things!  Bec came out in Sept to help her sister Mary Lorraine move and lucky us, after hanging out on set, the Valentine hair and makeup department got us ready for a night out!  I even curled Bec's hair (mad skills yo) and ML got the full movie star treatment.  

Then Amy Kennedy flew in from NYC and we had a great time at Katana... 
Mimosa Jones, me and Brad Dean pose in the lobby
The gang squeezes together.. typically more drinks than people at the table

WT Bash!

Now and then you want to break out the cheetos, natty lite and spam and just dance the evening away with Journey.  Right?  Right??!  VA and I discuss the best way to keg stand while 9 months pregnant (uh that would be me knocked up with a beach ball...)

My awesome DJ Bryan Chesters  "Chest Hairs" - who was the talk of all the guests AND the lapd... who I think secretly wanted to join the party
Jaime is trailer trash beauty queen.. but my knee highs and jellys are pretty hot.  Dont lie.
Bec.  Yeah she'd trade her boyfriend for a Coors Light.  Best. Tshirt. Ever.  (thanks for the spam btw- great 2am snack, dont lie)
Woo Hoo Yall!  Everyone say Jazz Hands!