Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Holiday Get-2-Getherzz Part 2

There's nothing like a little Uss time with the girls... we do this every year at my place and this year the group expanded.  It was quite a spread.  Basically its a bunch of girls eating and drinking and laughing their faces (and usses) off... which we did.  Mazel Tov ladies!! Merry Christmas and Happy 2009!

Kara shakes it...  oooooh yeah
The shwag gift game... everyone opens a present that corresponds to the number they pick... anything from crappy perfume to corn removers can be yours!  Don't be jealous.
Lisa, Patty and Heather get to know one another over some brandy cider.  Or mostly brandy.
Whit and her new doggie, who we affectionately named Beethoven
The girls by the fire pit discuss theories of life.  Or something almost at intellectual I'm sure.

Kelly and Lisa ... future beach buddies- hey carpool next time chicas~!

Girls and cosmos go well together.
Stacy and Megan bond.... 
So much girlie laughing for one small dog... Beethoven out.  Sweet dreams sweet doggie angel!