Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Years 2009!

For New Years we rented a little cabin up in Idyllwild called the "Nut Hut" and it lived up to expectation!  It was adorable and nothing is better than being out in the woods with a little snow (or ice as the case may be), roaring fire (when we could get it going) and lots of laughter.  Usually not at someone's expense for slipping on the ice.

Randy and Corri were the brains behind the operation as clearly indicated here.
Andy and I ring in the new year film noir style
The gang finishes dinner at the Gastrognome
Walking around town.. one of the few actual "activities" aside from eating, watching movies and falling asleep on the couch.
Until Randy brought home a stray dog one morning ... we all wanted to keep her!  Especially Andy, whom she really seemed to take a liking to.  Little slut.
The attempted reincarnation of "the best pasta ever"... which was pretty dang close.
Happy 2009!!!  Much love and happiness for you and yours!