Sunday, January 4, 2009

Kuwait take off and landing...

On Jan 2nd I left for Kuwait to participate in a USO tour, visiting the troops.  I was so excited about it as it's a huge honor to give back to those who are serving our great country.  I left Los Angeles around 7am west coast time and after a layover in Washington D.C., took a 11 hour flight straight into Kuwait.  A good 24 hours of travel door to door.  Im travelling with two great girls, Deanna Papas (from ABC's The Bachlorette) and Rachael Smith (Miss USA 2007) and of course our trusty man Brian Lee who is the epitome of ready at all times!  (and he likes college football so we have a lot to discuss!)
Stepping off the plane was definitely an experience.  Everything is in Arabic, naturally, and all women wear scarfs covering their heads.  What I did not expect to see walking off the plane was a Starbucks immediately to my left!
We had to stand in line to purchase a visa, which you do by ticket, like at a deli.  I expected a sandwich with mine but no dice. 

Here Rachael and Deanna lead the charge while I film like a Japanese tourist

Micky D's anyone?
Man, they have everything over here!  (Although I would use the word "toliet" loosely)
This is a smoking room.  It has a sliding door like a pharmacy and basically its like a hot box of carbon monoxide... not that it really deters anyone from smoking wherever they please....
Alas, poor Deanna's bag didn't arrive and was stuck in D.C.  We are still awaiting it - hopefully tonight!

We drove about 40 minutes to Camp Afjran and settled in for a completely jet lag filled evening of partial sleep.  Its not bad- kind of like a dorm room.  Im planning a panty raid later.