Sunday, January 4, 2009

Kuwait Day 2

Gooooooood Morning Kuwait!!

We started this amazing day off by meeting the generals of two units- the base here in Afjran and the KNB (Kuwaiti Naval Base), where we were presented with certificates of appreciation for service to the US Military.  Pretty cool.  Can I put that on my resume?
Me and LTC Miller
Then it was time for lunch in the mess hall... oh the choices!
I knew everyone would want to know what the heck I ate so heres a sample- diet coke, peas, broiled chicken, italian veal (I dont eat veal but I got cornered and didn't know how to say no), salad with tuna and tomato soup!  Yum!
Rachael, me and Deanna riding to the naval base
Posing on the naval boat we would soon be riding around in
Yep.  Thats me folks.  Driving a Naval speedboat in the Persian Gulf.  Lets just say international waters did not persuade me to slow down.  Neither did the Sergeant.  So I pretty much did as they do... and practically threw Deanna off the front of the boat driving right through the wake.  They say you can't actually tip one of those over.  I tested that theory.

Me and our awesome crew out at KNB.  Thanks for the fun guys!!!

Walking into a signing- all the guys waiting patiently.

Rachael and I stop by the beauty shop and think about getting our hair "did".

These guys had some major guns!  So I challenged them to a show off.  Welcome to the gun show people.

The girls and our Enyourage of security detail and tour manager Brian (last on the right).  Eat your heart out Jeremy Piven.  THAT's an Entourage!
Hanging out with Stuart Ambrose- my friend Megan's husband who is stationed over here.  He's an officer in the Coast Guard- it was great to see a friendly, familiar face- and I'm sure he felt the same way.  We love you Stu!  Come home soon!!
Finally... the location where I am currently writing this blog.  The laundry room.  Its the only place we get service in this joint.  So when you think of me... think of bounty fresh.
More soon.... xoxo