Saturday, September 27, 2008

Valentine rolls on

We are already into episode 7 of Valentine and having a fabulous time- even with all the exhaustion and delirium!  Who says random fits of giggles at 3am aren't fun?  Jaime Murray and I discuss the value of 3 hours of sleep...
Oh no, watch out.  Robert Baker is back with a new album folks.  "Me and Everything About It". Just kidding, its really for our Karaoke episode where we all sing the oldie but annoyingly goodie, "That's The Look".  (But come on, Robert's solo album would be pretty genius too right?)
The L.A. Lakins.  My "suits" L-R, Aaron Kogan, Adam Kaller and Gordon Gilbertson.  Join the Team.  You'll feel better about yourself. 
Hanging out with our new co-star Noa! 
The writers hard at work...  
The boyz of Valentine showing the love
Robert and Kris contemplate my photography abilities.
Ryan Devlin!  Our guest star in episode three.  He was lovely.
Myself, Holly Valance (as Amelia Earheart), and Kris Polaha - the eyeliner was a character choice.  But I think he liked it too.
Me and Robert Baker out and about
Self portrait of me and makeup artist Deb... yes my hair is transmitting radio waves.  Believe me, I've heard them all.