Tuesday, November 4, 2008

WT Bash!

Now and then you want to break out the cheetos, natty lite and spam and just dance the evening away with Journey.  Right?  Right??!  VA and I discuss the best way to keg stand while 9 months pregnant (uh that would be me knocked up with a beach ball...)

My awesome DJ Bryan Chesters  "Chest Hairs" - who was the talk of all the guests AND the lapd... who I think secretly wanted to join the party
Jaime is trailer trash beauty queen.. but my knee highs and jellys are pretty hot.  Dont lie.
Bec.  Yeah she'd trade her boyfriend for a Coors Light.  Best. Tshirt. Ever.  (thanks for the spam btw- great 2am snack, dont lie)
Woo Hoo Yall!  Everyone say Jazz Hands!