Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Its a nice day.. for a white wedding (and a birthday!)

My friend Kara got married a few weeks ago.. and on her wedding day needed her "something blue" so we all ran around just before the wedding trying to find something when Whitney suddenly stopped and yelled "I have a Obama pin!"  Seems fitting for today- Yes we can!

What an awesome wedding in Santa Ynez.  I was mad I had never been there before.  The home of the film/book Sideways - wine, friends and gorgeous views = my idea of perfection.  Whit, Patty and I contemplate the virtues of just that.
More posing at table 6 (the best one) by me and Whit
The wedding... under an oak tree in front of a vineyard.  Perfectly Kara!
And then after wine tasting there was uh, dancing....
The bridal party poses and Parks and I take a shot
Some color fun with my salvaged camera
The after after party... hot tubs and cabins go well together.
Tracy: ultimate bridesmaid, flower arranger and all around hilarious biyatch!  Pocket Christine says this does not bleeping suck.
And just when we thought we could never recover... Amy's birthday!!
Mexicali with the girls: Amy, Me, Robyn and Kara.  My fellow Americcans, lend me your tequilas....
Jaden and Amy show the love
Aims, me and whit laugh it out... at who knows what!
Robert and I urge the vote.  Hot Women Vote Obama.  He'll wear it.  He's not afraid.
A fantastic (and exhausting) weekend of celebration!!  Love you babes! xox