Monday, November 17, 2008

Coldish Coldplay; A Haiku

coldplay melodies
friends and confetti falling
like leaves dying now
thank you, thank you... My ode to blogs everywhere.  Was in atlanta last week seeing my granny and the leaves were outrageous in color everywhere.  Makes me miss the east coast so much.  meanwhile it's 85 in LA and fires are raging and my lungs are filled with smoke... ugh.  so fun to see friends and the concert was fantastic.  It was my 3rd time seeing Coldplay and they never disappoint.  Thanks Bum for the extra ticket!  My granny was in rare form as usual.  87 and still out and about in her car, Netflixing and internetting and lunching (thanks again for buying Grams).  We saw a movie, watched The View, she made some muffins.  all the good grandma stuff.