Monday, January 28, 2008

Sundance 2008

Sundance!!  The time of the year when all of Hollywood and their Blackberry's invade a peaceful little mountain town all in the name of independent film, networking and undiscovered new talent... and, let's be honest, the occasional late night party, shwag bag and half day of skiing!  I arrived early last Saturday to a gorgeous snow covered Main Street and after checking into a great lodge in Deer Valley, immediately jumped right in the bustle of the fest. 
I met up with the cast and director Tom Hines of "Chronic Town" for the premiere at The Library.  The traffic was so bad on the little 2-lane road that I almost missed it!  It's a gorgeous dark comedy about substance abuse in Alaska.  Light stuff huh? Had some interviews to do and then hit a few fun parties that even
ing with my publicist Cheryl and best friend Amy in tow. 
Sunday was a big day as I had lots of press to do for "The Hottie
 and the Nottie" which began in the morning at the Queer Brunch.  All my gays were there sipping mimosas and I was thoroughly
 excited to meet- yes- Todd, last seasons Survivor winner.  Loved it!  
That night Regent hosted a gorgeous dinner for us at the Riverhorse restaurant prepared for us by none other Iron Chef Cat Cora.  It was beyond delicious and after some press and photo ops with my co-stars Paris and Johann, we jetted off up the street to see Velvet Revolver- front row! 
Being that I was a HUGE Guns n' Roses fan growing up, getting to have Slash play so close he practically sweated on me was one for my 4th grade bucket list.  
Luckily one of my best friends, Rebecca (the pretty redhead from the Atlanta girls posting) let me borrow her husband Sebastian, who was still in town on business and he proved to be a fantastic bodyguard, cab wrangler, sometimes purse holder, et al.  
Not really sure how he ended up holding my purse but pictures do not lie!!  Jolly good English chap he is!  We headed off to the Heineken karaoke lounge where Paris got me up on stage for some good old fashioned Madonna covers.  

I'm fairly certain after all the screaming for Slash I sounded like 
a strangled chicken by that point, but we had a blast and ended the night with a little tube sledding right outside.  A good time had by all!
The next few days were filled with some more interviews, pictures and the like but I did manage to squeeze in a film at the 
Eccles theater called "Anywhere USA" and a fantastic sushi
dinner back at the Heineken lounge.  And finally, I managed to jump into some skis for a few hours and test all the fresh powder on the mountain- talk about my vision of a perfect day! With everyone still sleeping from the festival's late nights, the slopes were practically all mine. Totally, totally awesome.....