Friday, January 4, 2008

Happy New Year 2008

Yo Lakin!
It's 2008 and I've resolved to become more active in the ways of the web!  Check out my blog here for more recent and personal updates into what's going on in the world of Lakin.  Currently I'm sitting in my kitchen in LA while it pours rain outside, reminiscing about sitting on the beach in Cancun just a few short days ago.  What a great trip- went horseback riding, swimming with dolphins, snorkeling, speedboating and sea treking, which is this ridiculous underwater helmet you put on and walk on the bottom of the ocean and pet sting rays.  Lots of tanning, reading, napping and margaritas.  Good times.  I'm rested and ready to see what 2008 will offer.  The writer's strike has been a pretty big downer for many people here in Hollywood and it's my hope parties involved can resolve it quickly before more people begin to suffer financially.  The business of showbusiness is hard enough to navigate and make a living at.  My movie, "The Hottie and The Nottie" comes out Feb 8th and we have a bunch of press stuff lined up for this month including one my favorite film festivals, Sundance.  

Coincidentally I have another film scheduled to screen there called "Chronic Town".  It a dark little comedy and I'm excited to stick around a few days and be there for that... and maybe get a day in skiing while Im at it!  
Should be a lot of fun stuff happening in the next few months, check back here often.  I'll try not to completely bore ya.