Sunday, January 27, 2008

Atlanta Friends take over LA!

They arrived by plane.  The packed for style.  They hit the hotspots and took no prisoners!  They are Rebecca, Ryan, Missy and Janet Ann.  And of course the LA transplant Rochelle!  A fun time was had by all reminicing on our high school days, eating some delicious meals, toasting a wine glass or two and dancing the night away! It's hard to believe 3 of these gals are mommies already. They bravely left their little ones in the capable hands (?) of their husbands and enjoyed a night out for dinner Il Sole and afterwards at Les Deux.  Hot tub after hours ensued with much chatting and laughing into the wee hours.  
We had a blast touring Disney Studios the next morning and having a delicious lunch in the Rotunda thanks to Andy Fickman.  Not to mention a personal phone call from Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson himself... after which there were a few blushing faces in the room... (or was I the only one? :)  Love you gals!!  Can't wait for the next time!!