Saturday, August 23, 2008

Emerson invades Valentine

Emerson and her mom Rebecca came out for a visit a few weeks ago and spent time hanging out on set with me.  We had so much fun and everyone talked about how cute and sweet Miss Em was.  She is getting so big and will be walking before we know it!  I think she could get used to set life- lots of attention, lots of interesting food and fun places to crawl and get dirty. (stage floors are not so clean we discovered)  Here she is relaxing in front of her trailer... 

This episode featured a Bollywood wedding and dance number so here I am in my costume- I love it!
Jaime Murray and I show off our moves
Emerson was impressed but she had to get back to the trailer to roll some calls....
After all the rehearsal and craft service, TV life can get tiring!  Time for a face plant nap.
Aunt Stinky loves you little cutie pie!
We even found time to hit the town one night for my friend Joel's engagement party. (Cheers!)
Gigi was on hand too to share in the love
That is, when her blackberry didn't beckon her back to work...
We stopped by Burbank Bar and Grill to see our friends Randy and Corri play their weekly gig.  They even did a few originals from their "Brokedown Cadalliac" set.  They were awesome.
So much fun!  Cant wait to have Bec and Em return!