Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Troubadour Theater Company in "Oeidpus" at the Getty

What do you get when you cross a motley crew of rag-tag theater people, Elvis music, a vat of fake blood and a Greek tragedy?  "Oeidpus the King Mama!"  That's right.  We invaded the high falutin' Getty Villa in Malibu this spring for a one-weekend-only performance of this new show. Didn't get to see it?  Well shame on you.  Although to be fair, we did sell out in 30 minutes...toot toot! (that was my own horn)  You'll have your shot this August when we bring it back to the Falcon theater.  People always ask me... "Lakin.  How does a Troubie show come to be?"  Good question grasshopper.  Let me try and explain...

First you hug the director.  This is what all actresses in LA do.  Whether it's a man or woman... you get your arms around them and hug.  Sometimes they'll pick you up.  While you are in the air hugging away, whisper what role you want.  For example, I said "I need a bloody good part Matty.  Something with real heart".  Directors are very intuitive.  They have good ears like dogs.  So they can hear your internal thoughts usually.  But just in case, you should whisper it too.
Then try on some outfits.  You know, just to show the producers you can look the part.  For instance, here, Joe Bwarie and I show everyone that we aren't just Joanie and Chachi (which we once played together) but that we can grow as performers.  He is a greek Zach Efron and I look like a stage manager.  Which I wasn't.  But I wanted to show I could be team player.  One with the crew.
Then go get a coffee.  Ask everyone if they want one.  Pretend to remember what they want.  Then come back with your own and say it spilled in the car if they ask.  People will feel bad you ruined your car for them and forget about the coffee.  
Next, go to a fitting with the costumer.  Here Rachael Lawrence proves she can eat Cheez-Its and still look great.  Then eat more Cheez-its.  Then go back to the costumer for alterations.  And so on and so forth.
While on a break, try and get some work done.  Because let's be honest, theater pays crap.  Here, Lisa demonstrates this very fact as she multi-tasks on the communal phone and communal computer.  That's right.  Don't let anyone else use them if you get there first because really all anyone was going to check was Facebook anyway.  No people, we don't need a status update.  
While everyone else goes on a break, Anna White will still be tapping.  Shes by far the most professional person in the show, having done The Broadway so if you want to learn a thing or two, take a cue from her and practice.  Or go eat Cheez-Its with me and Rachael.  Flap, Flap ball-cheeesse! 
Next work on your characters.  Beth Kennedy is the master of this.  She tries 5, 6, maybe 7 characters out before she picks one.  Here she and Matt Morgan work on a shepard routine.  She's a shepard and she's been out tending the flock by night so she's tired and needs to rest on her young stable boy's shoulder.  Oooh.  He's so sweaty.  It's hot in the barn... maybe she should just take off her.. wait.  I think I have this story mixed up with something else.
Make up time.  It's chaos.  If you have hairspray or a brush you may have to use them as weapons too.  "We'll never be ready in time!" is a common statement yelled in anguish at our poor stage manager.  Remember that nature documentary when the lions all gathered together and the zebra came in and told them "5 minutes" and the lions ate her?  Mmmm.  She was delicious.
Before the show, make the new person wear something that accentuates their figure.  And their sexuality.  James Snyder does just this.  I can't vouch for everyone, but I love a guy in a skirt and a bandana.  
Before the show, Rory O'Malley and Anna warm up their wigs.  Wigs are really more the character than you can ever be.  And that's an important acting lesson from me to you.  For free.  Just look at him. Garth from Waynes World and Willow meet.

Strike poses and work it.  As you can see, Jen Seifert has this down.  Matt Morgan should really work on that.  And work on his pants situation.  Actually I don't know what is happening in this photo.  I probably shouldn't have included this one.  Hmm..  pretend you aren't looking at that.
After the show, pose with the girls outside and make sexy faces.  Then scream "Facebook"!  Then look at the picture and decide to retake it.  Scream "Facebook" again.  Then look and review.  One person will protest, "Eww, I hate that! I look stupid"  You will tag them anyway and they will de-tag themselves.  Repeat.

Ask for a "bloody good role" and you shall receive.  Not really what I was talking about but... you'll just have to come see it to understand.  Make a sexy face.  Yell "Facebook" again and then realize your lashes are stuck together with Karo syrup.  Forget why you decided to take this picture of yourself.  Regret putting it on your blog.

After the show go to Lakins and party until the wee hours!!!  Here Lisa and BK show everyone how its done.   If the cops show up, have BK open the door and do a comedic bit.  They are likely to forget why they came.

The women will stand around and drink some beers while the guys get in the kitchen and make some damn cookies.  
Then you have a show.  And that folks, is basically how it's done.  Well, sorta.  I might have forgotten a few pieces.  But essentially, when you have a group of your super talented friends that you love playing with, it seems that simple anyway ;)  Come check us out at the Falcon Theater this summer as we once again destroy great literary fiction.   www.troubie.org