Saturday, May 16, 2009

LA Weekly Awards/LA Drama Critics Circle

Every year in Los Angeles the LA Weekly awards descend.  And people roll out the red carpets and pop the Cristal for such an occasion.  Ok... well they throw down a bath mat and set up a cash bar- details, details.  This year I was nominated for a great play I had the chance to do, "Dog Sees God; Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead".  Its a fun night because many of my castmates were there and friends who won for other shows too.  The uber talented Whitney Allen and I hug it out.

Of course, the awards wouldn't be complete without a theme.  As you know my penache for themes.... I of course embrace this.  1950's was the theme this year and Nick Nick and his girl went all out with a Tbirds Grease ensemble.  Love the leggings.
Oh yeah.. and I won for Best Comedic Female, which was pretty cool too.  I will take this piece of hard lucite and I will go straight to the top!!!
The LA Drama Critics Circle awards were a bit more subdued... but us Troubies got to perform.. and were highly entertained by our dates.
The Dog Sees God cast nominated again at the LADCC's.  Great times.  Love yall!