Monday, June 9, 2008

Miami Yo!

I was lucky enough to spend a FAAAABULous weekend in Miami (thank you dave grutman!) and bring along two awesome girlfriends, Rochelle and Jen, to share in the fun!
That water is gorgeous!
Having never been to South Beach, we definitely took in the nightlife!
until the wee hours...
Rochelle poses her best America's Next Top model- love this shot!
When she got tired of me snapping away a la annie leibowitz, she turned it on me.  Deck of the Gansevoort
Enjoying the clubs
The gorgeous rooftop pool the next day- life is so good!
I can't even explain this picture but I think its hilarious.  And no, I did not venture up onto that pole!
Jen is a dancin' machine!
Miami forever!!  Can't wait until the next ladies vacation!!