Saturday, May 16, 2009

LA Weekly Awards/LA Drama Critics Circle

Every year in Los Angeles the LA Weekly awards descend.  And people roll out the red carpets and pop the Cristal for such an occasion.  Ok... well they throw down a bath mat and set up a cash bar- details, details.  This year I was nominated for a great play I had the chance to do, "Dog Sees God; Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead".  Its a fun night because many of my castmates were there and friends who won for other shows too.  The uber talented Whitney Allen and I hug it out.

Of course, the awards wouldn't be complete without a theme.  As you know my penache for themes.... I of course embrace this.  1950's was the theme this year and Nick Nick and his girl went all out with a Tbirds Grease ensemble.  Love the leggings.
Oh yeah.. and I won for Best Comedic Female, which was pretty cool too.  I will take this piece of hard lucite and I will go straight to the top!!!
The LA Drama Critics Circle awards were a bit more subdued... but us Troubies got to perform.. and were highly entertained by our dates.
The Dog Sees God cast nominated again at the LADCC's.  Great times.  Love yall!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Race to Witch Mountain... US and beyond!

Disney's "Race to Witch Mountain" is still climbing in box office totals around the world and the premieres in Los Angeles and London were spectacular!  London's West End was always a dream for me... but to walk a red carpet there was pretty terrific.  Even if most people wanted me to sign Hottie and Nottie posters and told me "I looked better in real life".  Thank you?

My great friends Alex and Stella were on hand for the event and made my trip so lovely.  They took me to a great brunch in Oxfordshire, out on the town to a show and of course to the Ivy Club, which was as delicious as it was posh.  Watch out Victoria.  I'm on the heels of your Louboutins....

Mingling with some of the UK crowd out to see the show...!  Cherrio mates!

After the premiere, Carla Gugino and I cheers to her success in both "Watchman" and "RTWM"- not to mention the big Broadway show she is in now, Eugene O'Neill's "Desire Under the Elms".  She left that night to start tech on the show.  I mean... she's so lazy.  

Out in the country for a Pimm's and some delicious food.  Alex wonders, "where's that blanket?"  It was chilly and thankfully Stella had the foresight to bring one.  Well done Stella.  Well done.

Nothing says The English Countryside more than drinking a strange alcoholic drink that is supposedly good for you, while wrapped in a blanket in the sunshine.  Who's from California?  Uh, that would be table 3.

My trip was much too short... Farewell Hazlebury road.... until next time.

Back in LA, things were heating up!   Omg, that sounds so ridiculous.  I get why people think it sounds glamorous but trust me... it's not.  I was literally in my Gap sweats wondering if a skirt from 9th grade would cut it when thankfully my friend Scott Allgauer lent me a dress from a killer line called Rag and Bone.  I did not want to give it back.  Thank you Scott!  And thank you Marcus Wainwright and David Neville for creating such fabulous clothes.  You helped avoid a paisley print disaster in the "what were they thinking?" column.    

Garry Marshall and I kick it on the carpet.  He dressed up and sported a stylin' hair cut on the carpet before stealing all the comedic scenes in the movie.  Love him.

Work it, work it, own it, own it- FIERCE - Tyra Mail!  .... then someone yells out, "who are you???"  (see recent statement about "glamour")

Brokedown Cadillac gets busy on the carpet singing some tunes...

AnnaSophia Robb.  The prettiest alien girl I know.  I literally look like an aboriginee in this photo.  Can someone tone down the spray tan please?  Good lord...

Tom Everett Scott and I mingle.  Im still too tan for the indoors but it was sort of dark in there and I don't think he noticed.  See , here's one the the greatest publicity mysteries revealed.  Too tan inside = perfect red carpet color.  This is valuable information that most Hollywood types would not admit to.  But I'm doing it.  For you.  So the moral of the story is, you have to choose folks.  You either look great in an online photo... or like Spray Tan Barbie to handsome actors inside the event.  Clearly I made my decision.  And I think I should apologize to Tom.  
Ahh.  Nothing says love like the actor/director relationship.  I am currently in film school for this very reason....