Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Race to Witch Mountain! In Vegas!

The Race is on friends!  I was in Vegas filming a part in Disney's "Race to Witch Mountain" and luckily got off work long enough to see one of my best friends, Joe Bwarie, perform as Frankie Valli in Jersey Boys!!  What a treat- he was AMAZING!  (There he is on the bottom row, second from the left)

After the show- and my tears of pride (what am I?  a grandma??)
Enjoying a lunch at Trader Vics on Memorial Day with what else?  A scorpion bowl!

Vegas at night... quite a view.

And the room with the ping pong table aint bad either!  Thanks Planet Hollywood!!
Me and Jen and Gail at dinner for Jen's bday before Jersey Boys
Me, Joe (aka, Frankie Valet) and director Andy Fickman on set
When Joe and I did "Georgia Rule" I dont think we had chairs so this time I had to get a picture of it!
Andy makes a scene.
Joe, Andy and Whats-his-Name.
Hello!  Welcome to Planet Hollywood!  Stay tuned- March 2009!!!

Judays in Atlanta!

I got to see Jeff and Claci when I was in Atlanta visiting and luckily Jeff was still performing in his musical "Five Course Love", which I went to with my family.  Claci is almost due by now and none of us can wait to meet their little girl!

Im not going to lie... I ate a lot of fried green tomatoes before the show and challenged Claci to a stomach contest.  Pretty sure I won.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Miami Yo!

I was lucky enough to spend a FAAAABULous weekend in Miami (thank you dave grutman!) and bring along two awesome girlfriends, Rochelle and Jen, to share in the fun!
That water is gorgeous!
Having never been to South Beach, we definitely took in the nightlife!
until the wee hours...
Rochelle poses her best America's Next Top model- love this shot!
When she got tired of me snapping away a la annie leibowitz, she turned it on me.  Deck of the Gansevoort
Enjoying the clubs
The gorgeous rooftop pool the next day- life is so good!
I can't even explain this picture but I think its hilarious.  And no, I did not venture up onto that pole!
Jen is a dancin' machine!
Miami forever!!  Can't wait until the next ladies vacation!!

Mom's Birthday

I threw my mom a surprise birthday party in Atlanta last month.  She was shocked and we are still talking about how much fun the party was!  

The cake had her picture on it... 

And we had so much of it we took it over to my Granny (who was in rehab for a broken hip and couldn't make the party) the next day.  Yes, that frosting is as good as it looks.
Even my best Atlantan pal Rebecca came with her husband Sebastian (of Sundance fame).  
Mom got all of the candles in almost one breath- how's that for being in shape??
Me and mom and dad... laughing at god knows what!  Such a great party and for such a deserving awesome lady!