Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Vegas baby!

What's a better excuse to go to Vegas with all your friends than a belated birthday party at Jet nightclub?? 

I gathered the troops for a one- night only jaunt to Vegas a few weeks ago where we lived it up in a GORGEOUS
 suite at the Mirage, an amazing dinner at Stack and dancing the night away at Jet. My friend and Vegas king Jeff Beacher stopped by to say hi too, always great to see him in his home town!  
Awesome time had by all!

The Hottie and Nottie Premiere

Yeah, I know it was a few months ago but seeing as how it comes out on dvd on May 6th, 
I thought Id rehash some fun photos from the premiere here in LA in February.  

My mom and dad were out for the weekend, which was filled with lots of press interviews and junkets... fun stuff but also a lot of sitting in one room answering the same questions for 12 hours.  Sort of strange too trying to find a different way to answer the same question!  
I was in a lovely suite at the Regent Beverly Wilshire (Pretty Woman hotel anyone?) and my parents and I had a great dinner there before the madness of the premiere began.  I was so happy to have all my best friends and family there with me... 
I had such a fun night and I will never forget it!