Saturday, March 15, 2008

Back to the '70's with "Cindy and the Discoball"... into spandex with "Super Capers"

What it is!  Pick up what I'm about to throw down because "Cindy and The Discoball" is back at The Falcon Theater!  

The lovely Garry Marshall, and the ever-talented director Joe Bwarie have assembled us together again for a limited run of the popular 2005 family musical - think Cinderella set in 1975, all complete with original pop music and dancing- even a throw back to The Hustle!  

Everything is bigger and better this time around including our opening weekend at the Falcon, complete with a "Shag Carpet" (aka, red carpet) for press.  The celebs were in attendance with their kids, many of whom dressed up for the occasion.  It was a fantastic opening and a wonderful way to also benefit The Lollipop Theater Network, which is an organization that brings first run movies to children in hospitals.  
Very groovy indeed.
I've also been squeezing myself into a spandex superhero costume for much of the month on my new film, "Super Capers". I play this ridiculous superhero villain named Red (hence my new red hair).  
I melt things with my laser eyes and also turn invisible... handy when you've just blown up a bridge.  It's a lot of great campy fun (as evidenced by the photo) and stars some very cool people- Michael Rooker ("Jumper"), Justin Whalin ("Lois and Clark"), and even some cameos from folks like Adam West himself.  Uh, he's the original Batman in case you are not as big a nerd as I....